Amos on Rt. 66

This Sunday we continue on our journey down Rt. 66 by studying the prophet Amos.  His book is the third book of the Minor Prophets.  Check out our little teaser:

You might not be familiar with the message of Amos, but you will recognize some of the more well-known verses.  Here is a hint.  Amos was quoted on August 23, 1963.  I’ll tell you Sunday what happened on that day if you can’t figure it out.  (You might try asking Alexa or Siri).

Back on Rt. 66

After a two week break, this Sunday we are back on our journey down Rt. 66 and through the 66 books of the Bible.  You can always join us live stream at or catch up on the videos at your leisure.  Here is a little teaser for Sunday:

This Sunday I will be teaching through the book of Jeremiah. Here is a little teaser: